Duality @ Sumiyoshibashi gallery OSAKA

The title of the exhibition “Duality” means二重性in Japanese. Tomoyuki Ueno makes flowers of the cutting pattern of butterflies. Eva Mitala creates new architectural pattern through the shifted dots printing on the dots pattern by silkscreen. Dimitrios Antonitsis tries to turn our negative emotion into something beautiful with beauty by connecting fossil and pearl and also drawing with mother of pearl paint.

When you pile up two things, a new relationship will arise. Then we will notice, that there is a physical world and notional world, namely there is an existence of two physical materials and there is a meaning of overlapping of two things, or you build such a world in your mind.

How the artists overlap the things, how the artists represent the world. When you see the “Duality” as expression of each artist, the world could be seen something different.

These three artists make you consciousness a notional world by physical handling. Unlike European and American dualism, Zen, which had strong influence on Japan, stands on monism. For example, oneself and other people or oneself and the world don’t exist independently but everything is just one. This exhibition dares to take a theme duality between physical and notional world, we make a use of the both mutual influence and pay attention to the ground of the art structure.


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