Instax @ Deák Erika BUDAPEST

The instant camera nowadays has a comeback after its 70-80’s big run. In the age of social media, istant photo created a new, Instagram culture. Like in Andy Warhol’s famous polaroids made from the 1960’s, artists using this technique capture an immediate, unique record of the moment, and present a raw and impromtu world that usually remains unrecorded. The renaissance of this phototechnique give us the idea to invite aritsts to experiment with the Fuji Instax Wide 300 camera and present their conclusions in a group exhibition, within the Budapest Photo Festival. Polaroid technique is somewhere between analogue and digital image making, and our focus was not solely on the evolution of photography, but on the different uses of the amateur camera.  The seven invited photographers came up with unique and unrepetable pictures. It was interesting to see how professionals battle with the simplicity of this camera, however, the outcomes prove they were not afraid to step over their own shadows. Some of them incased the technique into their labour processes to use it for drafting and documenting, while others tried to expand their boundaries, or just continue earlier series. Several works are filled with art histortical cross references, and identifiy themfelves with genres like mailart, colorfield painting or even sculpting. Without any manipulation of reality, they take you to the moment, to true reality and depict life’s possible beauties.
This is the magic of the instant camera!
Curator: Zita SÁRVÁRI
Artists : Miklós DÉRI, Máté DOBOKAY, Sári EMBER, Andrea GÁLDI VINKÓ, Péter PUKLUS, Péter RÁKOSI, Mónika SZILÁDI

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