Jemima Burril @ Houg PARIS

A collection of photographs, etchings and collages. Exploring a reoccuring preoccupation with woman finding a space for themselves in the world.
Burrill indicates her intention to challenge and dismantle the boundaries of domestic life. Using a variety of media she gives a personal insight into the complexities of identity, the task of motherhood and the place of grief.
In the series ‘Liminal Space’, Burrill uses photography to explore women’s roles as multitaskers. Burrill asks friends and family to participate in acts she choreographs that portray a state of inbetweenness.
Continuing her exploration of the mundane, Burrill’s new series ‘Rekindle’ starts with an etching of an abandoned object and finishes with a flourish of colour. To reinvigorate the sad possibly middle aged creature in need of a pep up, she combines the old art of etching with contrasting gloss from magazines. With this collaboration of magazine cuttings, watercolours and drawing Burrill explorers her mother’s sudden death and a woman’s place in the world in a dark, direct and sometimes humourous way, reveling in both joy and debasement.

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