Au-dela de l image @ Escougnou-Cetraro PARIS

Gaia Fugazza et Haroon Mirza
Anouk Kruithof
Muriel Leray
Michael Jones McKean
Laura Porter
Andrés Ramirez
Florian Sumi
Romain Vicari
“Images are like nomads wandering through time, from one medium to another.”
A collective exhibition presented at Escougnou-Cetraro Gallery (ex See Studio Gallery) in
November 2014, was the beginning of a reflexion on the photographic medium and its possible variations in the art field.
The exhibition focused on questioning the topical processes of hybridization between imagery and fine arts, considering the image as a construction material, as a structural component of artistic actions, and questioning its limits and possible manipulations.
In November 2015, further advanced the reflection on the materiality and spacialization of images already initiated in the first edition, with particular emphasis on the moving image. The artists challenged the visibility conditions usually allowing the viewer to see the images, through the cohabitation of various video installations sharing an immersive environment, both liquid and structural, stating the possibility of a simultaneousness between physical space and mental space.
The third edition, Au-delà de l’image (Part III), partially deviates the research path towards the materialisation processes involved in digital images, and more generally in the virtual, the intangible, the immaterial, exploring the close link between digital art and the sculptural and pictorial practices. Following the previous editions’ framework, we experience a rematerialization of artistic thought.

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