Alíz Veronika Ács @ Mai Manó BUDAPEST


There are works which build on observation as one way of understanding the world.
Alíz Ács’s works are good examples of such approach. She focuses on making the invisible visible.
Her personal involvement provided the starting point for her work: when her great-grandparents died, as she was searching for the surviving past among the objects of the now-uninhabited house,
she began to seek the supernatural as well. As she was discovering the various traces of the departed still living on, she achieved transcendental experiences.
As a result, her subjects and her visual realization can be understood as a magical process. She considers a photographic image as the soul-imprint of the personality and makes a variety of gestures on the photographically ready, already enlarged image. She finishes her photos by applying the signs of being chosen, which also mean being cast off at the same time. Experimentation plays a great role in her creative process; not only does she stage the situation in front of the camera, but she also chooses different material, surface, or medium for the finished enlargement. Her process then is followed by the destruction of the image, making each and every photo irreproducible and unique.
The exhibition selects from two series: WITCH, the series completed first, which was followed by large portraits, leading to WALPURG – also the name of the exhibit.
Gabriella Csizek curator

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