Octav Grigorescu @ Plan B BERLIN

In the person and art of Octav Grigorescu (1933-1987) coincided a typically avant-garde nostalgia for the primordial and worship of the elementary on the one hand and a postmodernist taste for crepuscular delights and the presentiment of death on the other. During his short life time he created a body of work that made a mark on twentieth-century Romanian art. A painter, engraver and fine art professor, plunged into his archeological, mythological and even everyday reveries, filtering in a subtle way echoes of Da Vinci, Poussin and Hans von Marees.
His first solo exhibition in Berlin, Les jours gigantesques offers an insight into his extensive oeuvre. Focused on 1960s – a decade marked by the artist’s participation in the 34th Venice Biennale- the exhibition explores his practice through his relationship between drawing, painting and poetry.  Dream and sleep, as higher forms of perception, as the locus where visions emerge, as a field of action of the inner sight, are obsessively his focus.

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