Matt Maust @ Paul Loya LA

1 Of These Days I’m Gonna Do It 

I think I want anything I put out there to feel natural and like it’s always been there.
That ‘s why I like walking so much.
“I spend a lot of my life touring, and making things during that time. Either at hotel rooms, music venues, or wherever. I tend to hoard it all, having a very hard time throwing anything away. I seem to just throw it in my studio whenever I can which means the studio gets messy, and I have to then solve the problem of doing something with all the pieces. I start layering all the scraps and over time they become what they are. I’m not trying to invent any sort of emotion with these, nor am I trying to deny any emotion.” -Matt Maust
His re-purposing and renegotiating of commonplace and seemingly “non-art” materials, into new relationships in these pieces make a new experience for the viewer. These select works have been excavated from his studio after been collected from his life on the road and contain his typographical elements, spilled paint and happenstance. They become artifacts of his studio practice and preserved moments of and on that particular canvas as it is then set behind glass. The artist set up shop in the gallery for 2 weeks creating a layered mural, in away recreating his Atwater Village studio wall. Boxes and creates postcards, vintage magazines, sticker letters, vintage Tshirts, 80’s car ads, litters the gallery floor at this moment. His studio is energy upon itself and it is a one of a kind experience that he wanted to bring a little bit of that to life on gallery.

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