Robert Stone @ Anglim Gilbert (Minnesota Street Project) SF

Stone’s second exhibition at the gallery unveils a new series of his spatial compositions in black and white, paintings with thickly built-up geometric shapes against a support of raw linen. Paint is applied with dense textural precision causing light and shadow to shift across the picture plane. His sharply delineated shapes advance and recede, implying architectural space and sculptural dimension.
“I use complex geometric relationships and tactile materials to translate space, volume, and depth onto a flat surface, often creating a virtual three-dimensional sculpture on a two-dimensional plane.”
Many of the paintings are large scale vertical doorways, drawing the viewer into a relationship with the abstract matrix and pictorial space. The non-representational imagery in Stone’s works invites other associations, for example, with landscape and technology, with machinery, chemistry or mineral forms, evoking mystery about narratives within the space. The absence of color heightens the contrast between shades of black, grey and white, emphasized by his use of different painting media that reflect and absorb light differently.

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