Nasan Tur @ Blain Southern BERLIN

Berlin-based artist Nasan Tur transforms the ground floor of the 40 metre long gallery space into an installation of a live printmaking studio. The process will involve the conceptual artist working on-site, making visible every stage in the production of an exhibition. The artist, supported by a team of artisan printmakers, will be carving statements … More Nasan Tur @ Blain Southern BERLIN

Lizza May David @ Michael Janssen BERLIN

She confronts questions of abstraction and historiography relating to simultaneities and transnational aesthetic interactions. She is interested in how social and cultural capital is represented and how to highlight its marginal aspects. Within an architectural framework she works with dichotomies of display and issues of visibility/invisibilities. Much of her previous work is autobiographical and investigates … More Lizza May David @ Michael Janssen BERLIN