Busy Doing Nothing @Johansson Projects Oakland CA

In Cody Hoyt and Alexander Kori Girard’s show at Johansson Projects, patterned forms and organic geometries come together in an unique exploration of functional permanence and mystic communication. Cody Hoyt’s ceramics are rigorously drawn, curiously angular, and intricately patterned, creating brutalist organic “vessels” that question the need for function over form. The forms are constructed … More Busy Doing Nothing @Johansson Projects Oakland CA

On View @Fort Mason SF

Robert Ogata, Jane Grimm (October 1–November 10, 2016) Ogata develops as an artist through meticulous experimentation using a variety of media including charcoal, graphite, clay, paint, oil, polymer, shellac, chalk, and gold leaf. By inventively using non-traditional methods of application in his artwork, he sometimes permanently adopts the results of these experiments. However, some innovations … More On View @Fort Mason SF

ICONIC: Black Panther @ American Steel Studios Oakland CA

The Black Panther Party was a catalyst for a nationwide ground swell in the 1960s in African American neighborhoods to empower their community by creating free food programs, free clinics and more. The exhibit will feature over forty artists from the Bay Area and nationwide of all races. The show is produced by SEPIA Art Collective. … More ICONIC: Black Panther @ American Steel Studios Oakland CA

German Art After 1960 @ SFMOMA

German artists who emerged after 1960 explored their postwar landscape-situated between recent disaster and rising prosperity with a combination of skepticism, uncertainty, and excitement to begin anew. This generation addressed aspects of their country s calamitous history, including World War II and the Holocaust as well as the ongoing Cold War, with varied means of … More German Art After 1960 @ SFMOMA